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Welcome to Distance Learning Toastmaster Training:

Two professionally run courses for aspiring Toastmasters

This modular Toastmasters Training programme is available as a short course, and a Full course both tailored to provide everything you need to be a Professional Toastmaster and Master of Ceremonies and eventually qualify for membership of The Executive Guild of Toastmasters.

Under the care of Peter York, Honorary Life President and Eric Gill, Honorary Life Vice President the Executive Guild of Toastmasters has grown considerably in the last 14 years and now boasts 51 toastmasters in their ranks. It is true to say that it is fast becoming one of largest Toastmaster Guilds in the UK, and our new distance learning Toastmaster Training is provided by Peter York. 

To discuss the details of our distance Learning course Peter will contact you on inquiry  . Both courses provide advice on how to run your own business and the challenges this entails, to include provision of appropriate text books - training modules -together with information on advertising costs, where to advertise, how much to budget and the importance of measuring success. 

Distance Learning

Accreditation by a nationally recognized Toastmaster Guild guarantees that your course will be of the highest standard and that your qualification will be respected, relevant and recognized.

Why learn with Toastmaster Training .com?

Distance learning with us is all about the student. We have designed our courses especially with you and your diverse needs in mind. Below are some of the reasons to choose distance learning with us:

There are no course deadlines so you can study at your own pace, making your learning journey as stress-free as possible

You have the freedom to study to your own schedule, which is ideal if you have work or family commitments that demand your time

It’s accessible as you don’t need any prior qualifications to enrol on a course with us

There is no age restriction to study with us, so you can achieve your dreams whether you’re 35 or 75.

There’s a support system at your fingertips: your online tutor is only an email or a phone call away,.

You’re free to learn in whatever environment suits you, whether that’s at home, outside or in your local coffee shop

You can learn on the move .

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Distance Learning

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