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What you'll need to buy

The Gear

Many Tailors and Outfitters can make you a smart Red Coat and it is worth shopping around to get the best; one that will last many years of wear and tear and stand the test of time, especially after many visits to the dry cleaners. 

The cost of your jacket will naturally be all according to your own personal budget..

Other Items you will need:

  • Black Patent Shoes, black socks and black dress trousers.
  • Toastmaster's White Marcella Fronted Shirt (with or without wing collar) White Marcella Waistcoat and Spare Waistcoat strap and braces
  • White Bow Ties, white cotton gloves and handkerchiefs.
  • Red tail coat, Cuff links, Studs and Arm Bands
  • Guild Badge and Collaret , Gavel & Block and Hand Bell (for outdoors)
  • Clothes Brush, Shoe Horn, Shoe Trees, Soft Duster and Sewing Kit (Red & Whit thread)
  • Prompt Cards, Pen/Pencil, Notebook, Ratchet Counter, Cigarette Lighter, Cigar Cutter
  • Spectacles, Toilet Bag, Comb, Mouthwash/Breath Spray, Deodorant Spray, Razor/Shaver (Styptic Pencil)
  • After Shave Lotion, Towel, Mirror, Pen Knife
  • Spare Buttons, Pins and Safety Pins, First Aid Plasters, Business Cards, Diary,
  • Function Details, Venue Location Map, Contact & Telephone numbers & A Napkin Holder  



Now your control and understanding will be a spectrum of activity, which will display all your overall co-ordination, and ability, in the knowledge, necessary to steer all types of events that may need a degree of formality. You will be very much at ease in those situations where only a gentle, guiding hand is needed.

Full Course £2750.00

Full Membership

This full course is the complete training course for qualification as a member of the Executive Guild of Toastmasters

Short Course £1750.00

Associate Membership

Designed for those wishing to conduct weddings and ladies festivals only and allows the Toastmaster to qualify for an Associate Member of the Executive Guild of Toastmasters